Exquisite Motion Corpse is the creation of Martin Thoburn and Chris Sandon.

Martin Thoburn is a pluralist artist working in a variety of media.  With a background in Graphic Design and Animation, and Digital Media, Martin has produced and directed several short films, both animated and live-action.  Determined not to be confined to any one medium, Martin continually explores photography, live video mixing, design, collage, animation and motion graphics.  His most recent work, FRAMES, has toured film festivals around the world.

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Chris Sandon is a creative thinker who works with numerous art groups and organizations including Spontaneous Art and the Shadow Art Fair.  He explores various media including 2-D, video, installation, music, and performance art.  He recently performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and The Smithsonian.

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Additional contributors to Exquisite Motion Corpse:
Music and Sound Design by Scott Allen & Brad Allen