The creators of Exquisite Motion Corpse went to Dresden Germany to use the Drematrix motion capture studio.  There Chris and Martin spent two full days shaking their bodies to crazy beats and sound effects.  The motion capture data will be used for future versions of the art installation where new bodies will be combined from both virtual and live action models.  Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below.

The Drematrix studio is one of few systems in Europe and allows human motions to be captured without the need of suits or markers and includes a system consisting of multiple cameras and a retro-reflective background. The system detects individuals via high-end image-processing algorithms and tracks their actions, adapts automatically within seconds to changing players and supports Autodesk MotionBuilder.

Chris in the Motion Capture Area.

Martin moving to a beat in the studio.

Chris plays around with some  dance moves in the studio.

Our production spreadsheet keeps the project on track.

Laptop plays crazy beats recorded with the Motion Capture data.

Silhouette captured by the 14 different cameras in the studio.

Human skeleton is rendered based on the Silhouette image by the motion capture system.

Data is translated into a skeleton in Motion Builder

Motion Builder has a default model that the skeleton is applied too.

The motion is of body is translated onto the default model for visual feedback.

Martin and Chris pose with the Motion Builder model.

Drematrix team members Markus and Robert join us in a celebratory jump after motion capture completion.