An interactive video installation based on an old surrealist parlor game. The user combines body parts set to rhythmic timing that stack together to create unique beats and stories.
The App!
Bodies and Beats - Available Now!

Bodies and Beats – Available Now!

After over a year of planning and production, the bodies and beats app is finally available.  Thanks to all of our 104 backers who donated to our Kickstarter Campagin.  Without their support this app would have never happened.  Also extra big thanks to Mux Mool, Mogi Grumbes, Sun Hammer, Beautiful Bells and JDSY for donating...
Kickstarter Rewards!

Kickstarter Rewards!

The Bodies and Beats team have been busy pumping out rewards for their kickstarter backers! Artist Chris Sandon run the screen printing machines to produce a limited-edition print, that will never be produced again in the same form. A big Special thanks for the big support for VGKids in Ypsilanti, MI for making the best...
Success - Kickstarter Funded!

Success – Kickstarter Funded!

We are happy to announce that our kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in the final hours.  A big thanks to all our backers and everyone who stepped up on the last day to help us reach our goal!  We are currently in the app development phase and plan to release the product by the end...
Bodies and Beats - iPad & iPhone App

Bodies and Beats – iPad & iPhone App

The creators of Exquisite Motion Corpse are porting their art installation into an iphone/ipad App, called Bodies and Beats! To help fund the project we have launched a kickstarter campaign. The App: Bodies and Beats turns you into a digital mashup artist. Create your own video collages set to beats, and then change the elements...